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Bit Bullet


Growfall Games

Launch Date:

6 Nov, 2017


$ 0.99



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Bit Bullet – Is a single player top-down shooter with an escalating difficulty level and complicated enemies, in which you will have to blow up and crush hordes of enemies using various weapons and skills.

Various items and skills will extend your life span and will diversify your means of survival when facing waves of enemies. The dynamic gameplay won’t let you get bored. The user-friendly interface creates a pleasant experience for veteran players and beginners alike. Vivid graphics in combination with realistic physics of explosions and destruction bring the chaos on your screen to a whole new level. A classic “time killer” in a modern setting will pull you in and keep you hooked.

Key features:
Incredible graphics on Unreal Engine 4.
The physics of destroying your enemies will leave a lasting impression.
Ease of use, which doesn’t diminish the intricacy of the gameplay.